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Welcome to the Pug Club of Canada website. The PCC was established in 1991 and is the only recognized National Pug Club in Canada with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Judges’ Education Seminars, please contact our Breed Standard Chairperson and President: Lundi Blamey



If you are interested in becoming a member of the Pug Club of Canada we offer the following memberships;

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For a full description of all memberships offered please see our Constitution and Bylaws.

Please fill out the membership application and forward to the Membership Secretary along with an E-transfer of membership dues.

Please contact our Membership Secretary if you require further assistance please e-mail; Liz Newman.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Pug Club of Canada!

Pugs are always poised for food and affection!


The Pug originated from China 400BC and were cherished pets of Buddhist Monks. Pugs first landed in Europe notably Holland, through William of Orange in the late 1500s before they reached the shores of England. A favoured pet amongst royalty, Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, Queen Victoria and Josephine wife of Napoleon to name a few.

A portrait of Princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna Golitsyna by Louis-Michel van Loo (1759) Moscow, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

History of the lines

When the British overran the Chinese Empire, they found purer Chinese Pugs that were an all around better version of the European Pug. They brought many of these Pugs home with them and in 1860 two pugs were supposedly imported by the Marquis of Wellesley from “pure” Chinese lines known as “Lamb” and “Moss,” whom when bred together produced a most influential pug named “Click” that contributed to shaping the modern day pugs we see today. “Click” was owned by Mrs. Laura Mayhew of Twickenham, London.

The Pug can be traced back to two distinct strains from two rival breeders in England in the mid 19th century, the Willoughby and the Morrison.

Willoughby developed by Lord Willoughby d’Eresby, most well known pugs of this line were “Mops” and “Nell.”

Pugs from the past

Morrison was developed by Charles Morrison, most well known pugs from this line were “Punch” and “Tetty.”

Today the Pug is a much admired companion dog throughout the world and can also be seen participating in many performance activities displaying the versatility of this amazing little clown.


I’m weaving!

IF you are new to the world of performance sports with your pug please be sure to contact the CKC concerning your dog’s registration number or ERN ( Events Registration number) to enter competitions and events.

Top conformation and performance pugs in Canada past and present can be found at canuckdogs.com

Through the generosity of club members and fanciers all donations are greatly appreciated towards ongoing specialties, education and rescue events hosted by the PCC.

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Rescue Organization in the Ontario region of Canada whom specialize in Pugs

From time to time we do have pugs that may come into our care. Availability, once they have been assessed and checked by a licensed veterinarian, may be available for adoption and will be posted here! Please contact our Rescue Manager –  Richelle Enders

Please if you would like to donate please visit the organizations above and consider donating to a pug in need!

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